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One of the most inspiring things in the world is seeing someone break free of the old ways, change, transform in one way or the other.

Everyday you hear of somebody who broke free from addiction, or someone who suffered from obesity who lost a couple hundred pounds.
So what is mine stumble block? What am I going to break free from? I knew the answer right away... DEBT. It was time to kill this beast and be done with it.

I needed to figure out a way to help me pay off my debt that at that moment was around 10,000. I wasn't sure how exactly I'm going to do it but I heard that making money online is a real deal. 
At that time I was married and had two kids. I've always been a blue-collar, a working class. Just like my dad I traded my sweat for little money. I was almost never there for my family. I tried my best to stay afloat with work, school (that I attended at nights) wife, two kids and fixing up a house that we purchased about a year before.
I started browsing. What can I do to help my family, my situation, myself? And that's when the idea of online business grew from just a thought into a passion.

I started by researching, I've watched millions or tutorials online and read hundreds of articles. Then I started building. It was coming up extremely slowly. I was working on my online world only partially on some weekends due to my other duties with work, school, and family..

After six long months it was finally done. I learned a lot, but I still had a lot to learn. 

Then the idea came. What if... What if I start a blog and to keep track of my successes and failures. What if someone who is in the situation like my own can use what I learned at sleepless nights and weekends to kill their beasts.  
And that's the purpose of I'll be showing  you what I did, and what I'm doing to build and grow my online business. I'll be giving shortcuts, tips and tricks that I learned to help you succeed. 

So have fun and enjoy.

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photo credit: kennymatic via photopin cc


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